GLR-AMTA Mentoring Program

What is the GLR-AMTA Mentoring Program?

It is a free program for GLR-AMTA members by members to support growth and development across a range of professional domain areas.

GLR-AMTA mentors are members who meet program criteria, including the completion of a 5 hour CMTE mentor training sponsored by the region.

Mentees are regional members who self-select a mentor through the process outlined on the GLR-AMTA website.

Ready to get started with the GLR-AMTA Mentoring Program?

How is mentoring different than supervision?

A Supervisory relationship is hierarchical and evaluative in nature. Supervisors are responsible to clients first.

A mentor establishes an equal relationship where the mentee’s interests and concerns are the priority.

and…what is the benefit?

A GLR-AMTA mentor provides a mentee with a supportive ally from within the region who specializes in an area of interest to the mentee. The mentor provides a non-bias caring relationship, which supports personal and professional growth, leading to development in skill.

Do you have some more details?

Yes! In fact, we have a FAQ sheet made up just for you!  Download it here.

We hope you will find this program beneficial and helpful in your professional life. Please contact us if you have any questions.